Batman for iOS

Batman for iOS

Batman for iOS by Telltale Inc is the mobile port of the game that was sincerely launched for users. If you passionate fan of the episodic point-and-click graphic adventures from Telltale, then this familiar game is a must-have.

Visually, Batman for iOS is amazing with the colors dark and gloomy. The bright glowing hues are cherished from Bat-tech and contrast well. You could experience fine details packed in as well, from the dynamic lighting to the textures of costumes. The soundtrack is exclusive and makes global users feel as if they are there in live action.

It is interesting episodic game where the global players would be watching many scenes unfold as you play actively. If international users never played these types of games before, think of it as an interactive movie, where zeal users are in charge of what happens by the end of the story. Though this gameplay requires you just watching how a scene plays out, the game is about making important decisions.

Batman for iOS

The users would play as Bruce Wayne not Batman and will have to make good decisions as you interact with other respective characters. There would be three different selections that users can opt. They only have a few seconds to decide on which one to choose, so global users have to be quick but also make quick decisions. They are also immensely alerted when another character notices your answer, or would actively remember it in the future.

There are several fight scenes to play out where the global users would see prompts on the screen that specifically direct you to swipe up, down, left, or right, or even press the screen with two thumbs at once for blow. Otherwise you’ll view circles on the screen and tap on them to initiate the action.

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